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N Zonic III

Madz Modz

The Philippine made N Zonic III mod is a MVG staff favorite.  It features a beautiful design that includes the Philippine sun on the top and a Swarovski crystal on the bottom.  Beyond the craftsmanship of the vape, you will find an all-star performer.  If this vape had a real life equivalent, it would be Beyonce.  While the N Zonic is elegant and refined--if asked to perform--the vape blows you away... everytime.

Now available in the flat top cap version!

The kit will include a 18650+ Extensive Sleeve in addition to the unit. The current design can handle under the following set up.

1. 18350 Configuration
2. 18350 + Kick Configuration
3. 18490/18500 Configuration

With 18650+ Extension Sleeve
4. 18650 Configuration
5. 18650 + Kick Configuration


1. Sun Juice Well
2. Top Side 1 Gas Vent Hole.
3. Bottom Side 3 Gas Vent Hole
4. Magnetic Firing Switch
5. Mechanical Locking Mechanism.
6. Chameleon Telescope
7. Pin Stripe for Gripping
8. Accommodate 4 type 18XXX Series Battery
9. Swarovski Blue Crystal
10. Floating Positive Center Pin (0.5 mm Clearance)
11. 99.99% Copper Positive Center Pin
12. 99.99% Copper Negative Contact
13. 18650+ Extension Sleeve for 18650 or 18650 + Kick.
14. Native 510 Connection 
15. Delrin Insulator inside Topcap and Negative Contact.

Category: Mechanical

Type: Vapes

Vendor: Madz Modz

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