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Geek Vape 521 Master Kit

Geek Vape

The 521 Master Kit provides you with all the right tools needed to create some amazing builds.  The 521 Tab is a stable ohm reader and building platform.  It also has firing capabilities to ensure that your builds glow evenly--you can take a test vape with the device!  The rest of the kit provides you with pliers, tweezers, scissors, and a coil jig set.



Name  Material  Package 
521 tab  Aluminium  1 PC 
Ceramic Tip Tweezer  Ceramic & Stainless steel  1 PC 
Elbow Tip Tweezer  Stainless steel  1 PC 
Nipper pliers  Stainless steel  1 PC 
Diagonal pliers  55 Ti  1 PC 
Folding scissors  Stainless steel & Bio-plastic  1 PC 
Coil Jig set  Stainless steel  5*Bars, 8 Coiling poles & 4 screwdriver heads

Type: Accessories

Vendor: Geek Vape

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