Help! Has my package even shipped? It still says "Pre-Shipment."
The USPS does miss a number of originating scans, which is why the status doesn't update until it is ready for delivery.  This may happen a few days after the label is created, depending on your location and distance from our shipping locations in California. See our full shipping policy here for processing times.

What is your return policy?
Our return policy can be found here!

Why am I receiving multiple tracking numbers for one order?
In order to give ShopMVG's customers access to more unique and special juices than we can stock in our own warehouse, we've partnered with our network of juice makers to ship these items to you directly. Sometimes these products may take a bit longer to deliver, but we think you'll agree they're worth it.  So, if an order includes multiple items, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

Do you have a brick and mortar store? We'd love to visit!
We would love to meet you, but at this time, we are an online-only shop.

What is steeping and how does it help my juices?
We have written two fantastic guides on steeping juices.  Follow these two links! Part I and Part II

Can you customize the juices you sell?
All our juices are mixed and bottled by the manufacturer.  Each company uses their own unique blends to achieve the best flavors.

Do you do international shipping?
Yes we do!  But, for now, we are only offering international shipping to select countries.

How do I redeem Piggy Bank reward points?

First, you need to be signed in to your store account. Reward points can be redeemed through the Rewards Redemption Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.  

How do I use my Piggy Bank rewards?

Rewards are issued as coupon codes. Remember to apply the reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout.