Age Verification Policy

In accordance with the law, ShopMVG.com is required to validate that (US) customers purchasing from our marketplace are of legal smoking age for their respective state. When an order is placed with ShopMVG.com, your name, birthday, and address are used to confirm identity and age via AgeChecker.net.  If there is no customer match, AgeChecker.net and ShopMVG.com reserve the right to request photo identification.  Submissions are to be sent via the AgeChecker.net app or our age verification form.  Customers that fail to verify ID and age within 3 business days of their order date will have their order cancelled.  Verified customers only need to go through this procedure once.

Fraudulent orders may be subject to further prosecution and will be reported to the local authorities in your jurisdiction.  

Our goal is to make the purchasing process as painless as possible for our customers.  Please ensure accuracy when making a purchase to avoid any delays in your order.