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Ejuice, ejuice, ejuice.  It seems everywhere you turn, there is a brand new juice on the market by a vaper who decided that he or she would become a mixologist.  Many of these juices become sweetner and additive ridden atrocities with a gimmicky label slapped on and sold to the market.  Frustrated with an overbearing selection of bad juices on the market, The Good Juice Co. set out to do something different.

Our mission is to craft premium juices using the highest quality ingredients that are damned 'Good'. By choosing only the best flavors from the best flavor companies, sourcing premium nicotine from an American lab, and crafting juices with heaps of TLC, we aim to provide a vaporlicious experience.

Flavor Menu

Banana Berry Cream

Flavor Profile: Banana, Strawberry, Creams, Mixed Berries

Pistachio Crunch

Flavor Profile: Pistachio, Cookie, Nougat

Ube Horchata

Flavor Profile: Ube (Purple Yam), Horchata (Cinnamon Rice Milk)