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Epic Juice LLC is a R&D and production company for flavored nicotine liquid that was formed as a grass roots extension of the vaping movement in California.  We as avid vapors saw the need in providing the community with quality nicotine juices and began our journey to help set the bar for regulating and producing premium ejuice liquid.  Our quality control is manic and the attention to detail in both the creative and production side of our work gives the community the assurance that they are getting the best.

We are continuing to grow and are constantly looking for ways to improve our process and deliver products with flavor combinations that are balanced and unique.  All of our flavor lines have gone through extensive market testing with our retail partner which allows us to make the decisions to help craft a better line.  We do not want to flood the market with generic ejuice flavorings, but rather concentrate on a limited set of products that have been market proven.