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ELC is discontinuing production on 11.13.20

We suggest to following brands with similar flavors:

Pink Cubes

Avalanche and Frozen Tundra

Twisted Kiwi

ELIQCUBE, Inc. is one of California’s leaders in developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids/juice) to the consumers. ELIQCUBE partners with premier vendors across the nation to offer a wide variety of exclusive blends of juices. Since its inception, our juices are blended with our health and yours in mind.

Fully committed to providing juices you can trust, our company holds a manufacturing license and our products are fully insured and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. To ensure your safety is our number one priority, we contracted an industry leader cleanroom construction company, Allied Cleanrooms, to build a 1,400 square feet state-of-the-art CIass 100,000 cleanroom (ISO 8) with over 10 HEPA filters, numerous temperature-controlled rooms with two (2) TRUE pass-through doors. Through the use of proper filtration (HEPA filters), strict clothing regulations and rigorous cleaning methods, cleanroom environments are kept free of contaminants.