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Founded in sunny Orange County California, Cosmic Fog Vapors was created with a mission: To craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen.

Each flavor should be a new, exciting experience for every user, and given the amount of time that goes into every blend, it will be. Cosmic Fog Vapors spends an average of 7-10 months on EACH FLAVOR, combining their experience in the culinary world and dedicated research to craft every blend into a unique user experience.

In addition, each flavor is used by the mixers/founders non-stop for weeks after development, ensuring that it is not only blended to perfection, but will also stand the test of time, never tiring the tongue.

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Flavor Profile: Melon Candy

Milk & Honey

Flavor Profile: Marshmallow, Sweetened Milk, Honey


The Shocker

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Tropical Fruits, Lemonade