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Every story shares the same beginning...

In 2012, Bombies founder Michael, vowed to never smoke another cigarette. In an effort to redefine himself, he picked up his first cig-a-like at the local convenience store. Soon after, electronic cigarettes and vaping became a hobby of his. From clearomizers, cartomizers, and later rebuildable atomizers, his hobby soon ignited into a full fledged passion to search for the best vape and flavor. Passion quickly became an obsession to create the cleanest, purest, and most flavorful ejuice available on the market.

He spent over a year designing and refining liquids considered to be All Day Vapes. After extensive testing and multiple reiterations, he found the perfect blend of flavors. 

We invite you to taste some of these amazing flavors.

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'Nana Cream

Flavor Profile: Banana, Strawberry, Cream, Fruit

Cold Press

Flavor Profile: Grapefruits, Wildberries, Watermelon, Citrus 


Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruits

Product X

Flavor Profile: Peach, Summer Fruits, Cream