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Which vape is better? SMOK MICO vs SV Mi-Pod

March 27, 2019 1 Comment

Which vape is better? SMOK MICO vs SV Mi-Pod


Smok's (SMOKTECH) has recently introduced a box shaped pod vape, the SMOK MICO, into the market which is designed to compete with Smoking Vapor's Mi-Pod.  Many folks have gone as far as to call the device a clone of the Mi-Pod.

While the devices bear a very striking resemblance, we are going to take a look under the hood to find the differences between the two devices.



(Photo courtesy of Cheesehead Vaping)

The design of both the SMOK MICO and SV Mi-Pod look similar when you take a look at the pictures online, but picking up the devices clue you into the subtleties of the size differences.

The Mi-Pod measures at 51mm x 60mm x 13.5mm

The MICO measures at 56.3mm x 46.5mm x 14.8mm

The MICO is slightly wider, while the Mi-Pod is substantially (relative to the dimensions) taller.  Since the measurements are in millimeters, most people shouldn't be too concerned.

Each device fits in your pocket or purse easily and falls into the ultra-portable class of vape devices.  Where you may give the edge to the Mi-Pod is in the finish of the body.

There are a number of finish options for the Mi-Pod ranging from smooth metal to suede, while the MICO only brandishes a resin finish currently.  

Edge: TIE

Battery Life

The battery life of the Mi-Pod seems to edge out the SMOK pod vape with a 950 mAh battery size vs. the 700 mAh battery size of the MICO.

Both battery sizes offer enough life for those longer vaping sessions where you may be away from a charger for a good amount of time, however, you should see a longer life from the Mi-Pod.

Edge: Mi-Pod

Pod Choices

The Mi-Pod only comes with one option for its device--a 1.3ohm coil--which provides great flavor and good vapor production

BUT, if there was an area that SMOK excels in, it has to be the variety of options for coils.  The MICO vape device gives vapers the option of choosing different pods:

  • A 0.8ohm mesh pod, which is designed for thicker fuller cloud production
  • A 1.0ohm regular pod, designed for a good balance of vapor and coil life
  • A 1.4ohm ceramic pod, for a longer lasting pod

These different options, particularly the mesh option, is the key attraction to the MICO.  Despite the 2ml capacity of the Mi-Pod (the MICO holds 1.7ml), we have to pick the MICO pods for the versatility.



As with any of these types of comparisons, it's fair to say that vapers should choose the device that suits their needs best.

For folks looking for longer battery life or more color and style options, the Mi-Pod is the right device for them.  The bigger battery and 1.3ohm pod combination has given most people enough battery life for those long journeys (e.g. a road trip) without the need for a recharge.

For vapers who like more options or desire a specific type of vaping experience, the SMOK MICO provides a number of coil options.  Vapers are able to test the different coils to see which one produces the best results (which can often times be influenced by the juice you are using).

The MVG team has ran a Mi-Pod vape in our rotation for a long time, and enjoy the device.  The MICO vape gives us a new device to play and so far, so good.

We hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, don't be afraid to give us a holler at info@shopmvg.com

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July 23, 2019

The main differences that I notice between the Smok Mico and MiPod is the difference in weight. Mico is a lot heavier. Additionally Mico replacement pods are a lot harder to find, at least in my area where as the MiPod replacements seem to be everywhere

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