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What's the difference between the Suorin Air Plus and Suorin Air?

July 17, 2019 5 Comments

What's the difference between the Suorin Air Plus and Suorin Air?

Which do I choose?

Suorin has recently introduced the Suorin Air Plus which is the third generation of the Suorin Air pod vapes, which leaves users wondering, which device should they choose?  We're here to guide you through the similarities and differences.

We have a specification table at the end of this article to help break things down.

The Similarities:

From a styling standpoint, both the Suorin Air V2 and the Suorin Air Plus, devices feature a card shaped slim style which is designed for maximum portability.  The design helps minimize the bulge that may be noticeable while carrying other pod vapes and box mods.

Dimensions are slightly bigger on the Suorin Air Plus to help accommodate a larger battery which we will cover in the next section, however both are charged by a MicroUSB port for convenience.

Both devices use a draw activated vape keeping things as simple for the user as possible.

The Differences:

Battery Capacity:

The first noticable difference is the battery capacity of the two pod mods.  The Suorin Air V2 includes a 400 mAh battery while the Suorin Air Plus more than doubles the capacity with 930 mAh.

This may not directly translate into double the life because of the increase in power and lower coil resistances used.

Battery levels on the new Suorin Air Plus can also be monitored via the side of the device.

Increased Power:

The new Suorin Air Plus is able to provide 22w of power while the Suorin Air gives a modest 16w of power.  The use of more power allows for thicker clouds and fuller flavor profiles.

Coil Resistances:

While the previous version of the Suorin did a good job of handling both standard AND nic salt vape juices, The Suorin Air Plus is designed to maximize the experience depending on the juice the vaper chooses.

Two coil options, a 0.7 ohm standard and a 1.0 nic salt pod, give users versatility to optimize their vape.

Juice Capacity:

The new Suorin vape holds more juice at 3.2ml instead of 2ml.  


 Suorin Air Plus vs. Suorin Air
Item Suorin Air Plus Suorin Air
Package Package:
1 x Suorin Air Plus Mod
1 x Replacement Pod
1 x Warning Card
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Suorin Air Mod
1 x Replacement Pod
1 x Warning Card
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
Coil Resistance 0.7 Ohm - Standard
1.0 Ohm - Nic Salt
1.2 ohm
Battery 930 mAh 400 mAh
Working Wattage 22W 16W
93.2mm x 50mm x 10mm
86mm x 43mm x 8mm
Pod capacity 3.2ML  2ML 
Eliquid support Standard Nicotine, Nic Salt, & Alternative
Standard Nicotine, Nic Salt, & 
Refillable or not Refillable pods Refillable pods
Attention: The pods for the Suorin Air Plus and Suorin Air are not interchangeable


The Final Verdict

The Suorin Air Plus

If you're looking for a solid upgrade to your existing rotation of pod devices, or are looking for a brand new device, the Suorin Air Plus is the way to go.  There is more power, more battery, and more pod options for a vaping experience that will cater to a wide range of people.

The Suorin Air V2

If you are on a tighter budget, the Suorin Air provides a good alternative because of the low cost.  The device has been battle tested and proven in many environments and has been a heavy recommendation of ours.

In either scenario, Suorin continues to create devices that are amazing to use.

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Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert

July 27, 2019

1 ohm is for nic salts, .7 for freebase.

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