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Want to extend the life of your coils / pods?

February 27, 2019

Want to extend the life of your coils / pods?


We've all been there.  You're excited to get your vape and open up a fresh pack of coils / pods, and start vaping away.  A day later, your vape juice loses that delicious flavoring and it starts to taste like a stew that was left on the stove for too long.

What gives?

Many vapers, especially newer ones forget to prime their coils before getting started.

We get it.  When the need to vape arises, sometimes you can't sit around and wait for your coils to soak up before you start puffing away.  If you can't exercise 5 minutes of patience, then carry on.

But for those of us who are looking to save a little more money and extend the life of our coils, this guide is for you.

Things that burn out your coils quickly

Sweet Juices

We love sweets just like anyone else, BUT sweet juices (nic salt and regular nicotine) tend to carry more sweeteners, which tend to burn coils faster.  If you want longer coil/pod life, you will need to switch it up to something less sweet.

High Wattages

For the cloud chasing type, turning up your box mod to higher wattages will burn your coils out quicker.  Higher heat = more chances to dry out your coil and burn it up.  Turn that power down a bit.

High VG Juices

High VG vape juices are thicker and produce more clouds, but that viscosity also makes it slower to wick your coils.  If you like puffing back to back, you may want to switch to a blend that has more PG.

Chain Vaping

Speaking of puffing back to back, chain vaping dries out your wicks quickly.  If you've been taking drag after drag of your vape, and feel the flavor start to turn a bit, set your vape down.  Let the wicks soak up some of that yummy e-liquid first, then vape away.

Not Priming Your Coils

The issue that we see most often, however, are folks not priming their coils.  If you load up a new pod or tank with juice and start vaping, you're going to get a dry hit and burn your coil.  Let the juices soak up.


There you have it.  Extending the life of your coils or pods isn't that difficult.  By slowing down a bit or making some tweaks to the juices you choose, your pods and coils should last a little bit longer.  Give the guide a try, and if you have any further suggestions, comment below!

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