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Top Nic Salt Pod Mods of 2018

November 14, 2018 5 Comments

Top Nic Salt Pod Mods of 2018


Pod Mods have been the rage of 2018 as Nic Salt (nicotine salt) vape juices take the front stage for people looking for an alternative to smoking. 

Pod devices are typically designed to provide a lower power output which help support the higher nicotine concentrations found in nic salts. 

Known for their portability and ease of use, pod devices will continue to be a growing market segment in the vaping industry.


The top pod device brands are familiar names in the vaping industry. 

While the JUUL is considered the most popular brand currently, there are alternatives to the JUUL that cater to different style, flavor, and vapor preferences a vaper may have. 

Each of these companies have been known to put out some of the best vape mods in 2018. 

Smoking Vapor
Lost Vape

ShopMVG's Best Selling Pod Starter Kits

If sifting through the brands is still overwhelming, we have a list of the best selling e-liquids (in no particular order), followed by a brief description of each juice. 

These devices are the most popular devices not only within our shop, but in the vape market.

SV Mi-Pod

The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor is a beautiful stylish portable pod system vape device.  The Mi-Pod utilizes a 2ml refillable cartridge and a 950mAh battery for extended usage.


The SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit improves upon SMOK's previous entries into the pod system category, by introducing a beautiful portable.  The device comes integrated with a 450mAh rechargeable battery and 2mL refillable pods.

Aspire Breeze 2

The Breeze 2 is the successor to the very popular first version of the device by Aspire. The Breeze 2 features a 2ml pod and a 1000mAh battery while keeping its U-tech coil technology giving users a rich and flavorful vaping experience.

Suorin Air

The Suorin Air Starter Kit is a super slim ultra portable pod system that matches a 400 mAh rechargeable battery to a 2ml capacity e-juice cartridge.

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop All-in One Starter Kit is an ultra portable pod system that features a beautiful and unique water-drop design.  The Suorin Drop relies on a draw-activated firing mechanism, meaning you don't have to press a firing button to vape.

Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod Mod

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pod Starter Kit is considered the BMW of pod systems due to the engineering and luxury involved in creating the device. Featuring 2ml of juice capacity, a 950mah battery, and multiple power settings, this device is the best of the best

Nautilus AIO

The Aspire Nautilus AIO Starter Kit brings a refreshing update to the Nautilus series products from Aspire.  Taking its looks from the successful Breeze line of products, the Nautilus AIO is sleek and compact, yet features a 1000 mAh internal battery.

5 Responses

Brenda Gemelli
Brenda Gemelli

March 19, 2019

I bought the Smok Novo. I had it for a month and it fired in my apron without even drawing on it. It literally just fried ! I really loved it until that happened. I only used it for work because it was so small and compact. I only give products one shot and Novo’s are done! I also purchased the Rolo badge. Im not a #1 fan of this one either. I seem to have problems with the refillable pods. Some work, some don’t. This has become very pricey. SMOK needs to get it together with their salt nic vapes. I’m a big fan of the regular mod boxes, but I love the salt nic juices and vapes because it’s very satisfying. Now if I can just find one that works right!


March 13, 2019

Allan a, if they keep breaking, get a low wattage box mod, like a 30 or a 50 watt. The aspire nautilus runs at 12 watts.

Get yourself a tank ( or do a combo starter kit to make it super easy. I bought the aspire zelos starter kit).

Get 70/30 nic salt juice and never run it over 13 watts with nic salts. Nic salts hit your bloodstream way faster than traditional juice and a little bit of wattage goes a very long way with nic salts.

Larry Nicoe
Larry Nicoe

March 05, 2019

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February 05, 2019

U shoul try minifit by justfog. Its the best.


January 21, 2019

I have gone through most of these vapes and they all broke… multiple times. I currently am going back to the shop about to give up on vaping all together because they are such garbage….

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