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Save The Date - October 7th is National Save Vaping Day

October 01, 2019 1 Comment

Save The Date - October 7th is National Save Vaping Day

What is National Save Vaping Day?

Monday, October 7th, is National Save Vaping Day.  ShopMVG.com stands with the American Vaping Association (AVA) and the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), in our fight to save vaping and to keep safe, legal vape products accessible to American adults.  

ShopMVG.com will be celebrating National Save Vaping Day from October 3rd to October 8th.  We will be holding the following sale and portion of the profits will be donated to AVA and CASAA.

  • 20% off all e-liquids with code SAVEVAPE20
  • $25 off any $125 purchase with the code SAVEVAPE25
  • $75 off any $250 purchase with the code SAVEVAPE75

Vaping And The Media

Over the past few weeks, the vaping industry, specifically nicotine based vaping products, has faced major scrutiny after reports of vaping-related illnesses and deaths nationwide.  Initial reports are pointing to illegal, black market THC cartridges containing Vitamin E Acetate as the possible culprit.  Further tests commissioned by NBC News show that these illegal THC vape cartridges are tainted with hydrogen cyanide as well.

Despite these findings, however, the media continues its negative coverage of the vaping industry; and, politicians are swiftly and unfairly enacting sweeping bans on nicotine vaping products. 

Our Promise To You

We at ShopMVG.com stand by the juice makers we carry.  The ingredients in these vape juices are simply:  nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and FDA grade natural and artificial flavors and sweeteners in propylene glycol. 

ShopMVG.com has been and will always be against underage vaping.  We will continue to work with governing agencies to keep vaping away from minors.  And, we will continue to work and fight with industry leaders in providing American adults safe vaping products.

Together, let's save vaping!  




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Stuart B Jackson
Stuart B Jackson

October 07, 2019

I am a loyal vaper, assuming that’s what we can call ourselves. Fine, I’m a former 2 pack a day smoker, who smoked myself into being winded doing anything. I switched to a vape full time (in my case the Snow Wolf mod and some amazing juice made by a local shop (though I will try juice from everywhere, my current two are spearmint and blackberry). Since switching over, I’ve began jogging again, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, I can breath better, my taste is returning, all due to this amazing device and liquid. Bonus, I have friends who loathe the scent of tobacco smoke, it makes them sick, one is allergic. I can vape around them and the only comment I’ve ever had is “ok, that smells good, what flavor are you using”. I’m 42 years old, picked up the habit “full time” in high school, and was, as I said, a heavy smoker for years. The Snow Wolf atomizer and finding the right juice at the right strength has kept me off of cigarettes (save one smoke in a pinch a yaer ago, which made me physically ill immediately) for three years. People say “there is no benefit” but I am living proof that there is a benefit to this.

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