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Newest Pod Vapes You Should Try

May 22, 2019

Newest Pod Vapes You Should Try


As the vaping landscape continues to evolve, more companies continue to throw their hats in the ring to offer an array of products that not only optimize the nic salt vaping experience, but also aim to put the JUUL in its place.

For a list of other vapes we've reviewed earlier this year that we recommend, see this blog entry LINK

The below devices are newer entries for 2019 and provide a fuller vaping experience without entering the box mods, sub-ohm tanks, and rebuildable world.


The following list of brands provide a rounded out selection of companies who have been industry veterans (SMOK, UWell, Joyetech) and newer companies.

Moti Vape
Orchid Vape


The devices will display a range of designs, from pen style vapes to boxier shapes.  Because these vapes offer refillable pods/cartridges, these devices end up being more cost effective over the long-term vs. the JUUL

Uwell Caliburn

The UWell Caliburn is fast becoming a fan favorite as a replcement device for the JUUL.  The battery life is great while keeping a slim form factor similar to the JUUL.  Many color options propel this past the JUUL.


The SQRL Vape device is built to be compatible with JUUL style pods, including the Ref-Pod and SYLO.  This vape provides more battery power and an option to switch between 2 different coil types.


The MOTI Vape pod system is starting to make its way through different vaping circles as a clear alternative for the JUUL.  The vape comes with options for empty refillable pods or pre-filled pods.

SMOK Trinity Alpha

The Trinity Alpha has proven itself to be a contender in the box style pod vape category.  Along with the Orchid (up next) and the Lost Vape Orion, these are the category leaders.  The SMOK offers multiple coil options for vapers who prefer a certain profile.

Orchid Vape

The Orchid Vape has jumped into the scene and has challenged the leader, the Lost Vape Orion, for being the best in class.  The Orchid tends to favor vapers looking for a better direct-to-lung experience.


Joyetech Exceed Grip AIO

The newest vape on the block is the Joyetech Exceed Grip AIO.  Joyetech is well known for creating solid all-in-one vape systems and this device is sure to be a fan favorite.  The 



These devices are all worthy of entering your own personal vape rotation and choosing one will depend on your preference for style and the type of vaper you are.

Give them a shot!  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout.

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