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Mechanical Mod Safety Guide

May 16, 2018

Mechanical Mod Safety Guide

Mechanical Mods continue to be an important part of the vaping community. They have become the device of choice for folks who desire a customized vaping experience--advanced vapers are able to tweak their builds in order to maximize flavor vs. vapor production. While there are a lot of guides and videos that show you different builds for your needs, device safety is often overlooked.  Our goal is to provide a few guidelines to help you optimize your experience while minimizing your risk of damage or harm.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

A mechanical mod is quite simply a tube of metal--commonly stainless steel, brass, or copper-- that holds your battery. There are positive and negative connections that are triggered with the use of a button. When you attach your tank, RDA, or RTA to the device, you then have a full functioning vape device. 

Who are Mechanical Mods for?

Generally speaking, these devices are for advanced users with a basic understanding of ohms law.  Because there are no digital readouts or settings you can modify, the advanced vaper will typically have to calculate and see if they are within a safe range for their battery.  Because there are no circuits on a mechanical mod, there is nothing in place to regulate the amount of power being delivered through the device.

Are these devices safe?

Many vapers question a mechanical mod safety since these devices tend to come from countries other than the US (e.g. The Philippines and China).  By itself, a mechanical mod is no different than a flashlight or other simple device with a switch.  Many of the issues begin to occur due to improper builds in the RDA or not following basic battery safety guidelines.

So how do we safely use a mechanical mod?

We've crafted a few bullet points to get you started

  • Battery safety - this is by far the most important point, and should be the first thing you consider before firing your mechanical mod.  We have a great guide for battery safety here: Battery Safety and Recommendations
  • Always lock the firing button - there have been stories of people who forget to lock their firing button, put their device on the night stand, then hear their device crackling and popping because it is firing.  Most people have averted overloading their battery and causing an explosion, but this is another area that should NOT be overlooked.
  • Airflow - Make sure there are plenty of ventilation holes on your device. Without vent holes, pressure can build up within the device and potentially cause damage. With proper airflow, many devices can reduce the pressure before reaching dangerous levels.
  • Battery care - did we mention this one already? It really is that important. Make sure the battery isn't over or undercharged and that there is no damage to the battery.

Because of the attention and care needed, mechanical mods aren't for everyone. So while some may swear by them, other folks should stay away from them, and opt for a box mod or starter kit instead. We want everyone to enjoy their vape adventure.

Are there any other tips you might have? Leave a comment below!

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