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Mango by NKTR Review

August 02, 2016

The NKTR juice line introduces a new wave of eliquid products using Tobacco Free Nicotine or TFN, which claims to be tasteless unlike regular nicotine.  Upon grabbing a new bottle of Mango by NKTR, the fragrance of the juice stands out, a sweet ripened mango, which may help validate the claim of purer taste.

The NKTR line is a high VG blend that is optimized for rebuildable atomizers/tanks and sub-ohm tanks, which helps maximize the flavor upon inhale.  Our first puff of the juice is a brilliant mango flavor similar to taking a big bite of the fruit.  Upon exhale, the juice sweetens up like a candied mango that lingers between your lips.  Delicious.

The juice is packed within a black box with an artistic rendition of the fruit on the front.  The design is minimalistic and gives a clear representation of the tasty juice inside.  NKTR has a hit on its hands, and we give the juice an awesome recommendation.

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