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Giveaways at MVG!

September 09, 2016

Hey MVG Fam,

The vaping world was put into a cryogenic freeze chamber on August 8th when the FDA's Deeming Regulations came into effect.  We've detailed how some of the regulations affect you as a customer here: AUGUST 8TH, 2016. FDA DEEMING REGULATIONS AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU?

One of the key items in the regulations is that vaping products cannot be given away for FREE to our US customers. (BOO!).  But the good news is... we can give you awesome discount codes for you to purchase products in our store.  You will still need to pay a dollar figure for your prize, but the cost should not break double digits. (Think anywhere from $1-10 depending on what you choose).

While we still need to charge you for your prize so we can stay compliant with the FDA's rules, we think this is a fair compromise.  We have already ran a few contests in this format and have received a lot of support. Thank you for that.

We want to continue providing you with great juices and products to try at a low cost, and we appreciate your understanding!

For our international customers, nothing changes for you. You'll still be able to win an awesome giveaway prize for free.  (YAY FREE)

So keep an eye out on FB, IG, Twitter, Reddit and our blog for different giveaways that we are hosting.

Good luck and 'may the odds be ever in your favor'.

- Kenny and the MVG Team

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