Get the most out of our 15ml blow-out! How to mix juices to get to your desired Nicotine Level

September 13, 2016

One of the most asked questions that we've been getting about our $2.50 15ml bottle sale has been related to not having the desired nicotine level. "Hi, I only see that you have [insert juice] in 12mg.  Are you planning on restocking soon?".

While we aren't planning on stocking 15ml juices in the future, there is a simple way to get the nicotine level you desire.  Combine juices with different nicotine levels to achieve the desired strength.

We decided to write up a quick guide to help.  We will keep the ratios pretty simple which will meet most folks' needs.

Nicotine Level Guide

Desired Nicotine Levels 15ml Bottle Purchased Additional Liquid Needed
1.5 mg 3mg / 15ml 0mg / 15ml
6mg / 15ml 0mg / 45ml
12mg / 15ml 0mg / 105ml
18mg / 15ml 0mg / 165ml
3mg 0mg / 15ml 6mg / 15ml
6mg / 15ml 0mg / 15ml
12mg / 15ml 0mg / 45ml
18mg / 15ml 0mg / 75ml
6mg 0mg / 15ml 12mg / 15ml
12mg / 15ml 0mg / 15ml
18mg / 15ml 0mg / 30ml
12mg 18mg / 15ml 0mg / 7.5ml



The combinations only require you to work with 2 nicotine levels to achieve your desired strength. We hope this helps!

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