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FDA Deadline Postponed Until 2022!

July 29, 2017

FDA Deadline Postponed Until 2022!

In an announcement that shocked the vaping industry on Friday, the new FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, postponed the Deeming Rule from 2018 to 2022.  This change will allow the FDA to come up with a better comprehensive plan for understanding the effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) and how to regulate them.

The entire speech can be found here.

The tone of the new commissioner's speech is more open to products that provide an alternative to traditional burn and smoke products.

"...but nicotine in cigarettes is not directly responsible for the cancer, the lung disease, the heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year… yes it got them all addicted, and kept them addicted for the long term, and it got most of them addicted when they were still teenagers, but it’s the other chemical compounds in tobacco and in the smoke created by setting tobacco on fire that directly and primarily cause the illness and death, not the nicotine."

He furthers his point by mentioning, “Nicotine is by no means completely safe and benign as a compound, but a family and population focused approach to reducing tobacco caused disease and death must start with the premise that as far as nicotine is concerned, the problem is not just the nicotine. The problem is the delivery mechanism, how the nicotine gets delivered. Attach it to smoke particles created by burning cigarettes and the mechanism is deadly.”

While this news is great, there are some additional conversations that need to be set on the table and the impacts weighed out.  Flavoring in vapor products have been at the center of controversy for our opponents.  While ShopMVG tends to stay away from products that contain marketing that may appeal to underage vapers, the flavors behind some of the brands we carry do provide opponents with ammunition (e.g. cereal and candy).  As adults, we enjoy the nostalgic taste of these liquids, without the increase in calories or sugar levels that the original products provide.  We will work with different advocacy agencies and our brands so we can keep providing our customers with these great products in the future.

There are still many hurdles to overcome, especially at the state and local level, but getting a more open FDA will help open the doors to reasonable conversations and eventually regulations.  We are excited about this and are ready to continue fighting to serve you, our MVG family.


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