Conquer the Sunday Scaries

July 24, 2016

TGIF has come and gone, and Sunday Funday is in full effect, but roughly around 5pm-8pm, anxiety strikes the central core of every working person around the world--the Sunday Scaries.  

The Sunday Scaries can be defined as a phenomenon, a feeling of angst as the reality of the work week ahead buzzes around your brain like an annoying mosquito ready to suck the inner life out of you.  The joys of freedom you once held jumping into the weekend are fleeting, and a somber feeling takes over. "I don't want the weekend to end."

Coping with the Sunday Scaries can be just as stressful.   

Some folks advocate a boozy brunch to take your mind off things.  

Maybe finding a picture of someone having a worse day will make you feel better.

These joys, unfortunately have a shelf life, up to about 10pm.  Then the Sunday Scaries decide to have their own party at the bottom of your stomach.

The only solution at this point is to curl up into the fetal and cry.

Or, you can avoid the Sunday Scaries like the team at MVG.

Since you have all week to really tackle your work load, we leave the stressing for Monday.  Why let Monday ruin the rest of Sunday?

1.  Sit and put on your favorite show (TV or Online)

2.  Grab a vape and some awesome juice.

3.  Possibly a brew or wine if you aren't hungover from Boozy Brunch.

4.  And chill out. Life is good. Sunday is awesome. You'll crush the work week, and the weekend will come again!

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