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CDC says Vitamin E Acetate to Blame for Vaping Illnesses and Deaths

November 08, 2019 1 Comment

CDC says Vitamin E Acetate to Blame for Vaping Illnesses and Deaths

  • A “potential toxin of concern” has been identified in the vaping-related lung outbreak, CDC officials say.
  • Vitamin E acetate, a compound used in supplements, cosmetics and vaping products was detected in all 29 lung tissue samples from patients that health officials tested.

U.S. health officials have identified the probable cause of the vaping illness outbreak that has killed at least 39 people, keying in on vitamin E acetate as a “potential toxin of concern,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said Friday.

The compound used in supplements, cosmetics and some vaping products was detected in all 29 lung tissue samples from patients health officials tested, Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director, told reporters on a conference call.

This compound isn't typically used in vape juices and are likely used in black market THC cartridges due to neglect or ignorance.

While it is unfortunate that an additive to THC juice was used to create harm and injury to others, the nicotine vaping community, which has been around for almost a decade without an outbreak, may see less government pressure as a result.

It's important to note, the primary ingredients in vape juices, like those sold on our site, contain a blend of PG, VG, Nicotine, and flavorings.  Vitamin E acetate is not used by any of our trusted manufacturers or vendors.

The CDC recommends avoiding any black market vaping products.

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November 11, 2019

Thank u for sharing updates on the vaping illness’s. My smoke shop told me today the government is banning all vape products by the end of next year there won’t be any to buy due to all this and I feel that’s a bit extreme as we are adults. It’s very unfortunate people have died and or gotten sick but anything can happen to anyone at anytime but to take away all vaping is a bit extreme. So many have quit smoking actual cigarettes thanks to vapes. What’s next the banning of alcohol ? Now that if anything should have been banned. I mean so is it ok to kill someone becuz your drunk ? Why hasn’t anyone done anything like what they are doing with vaping. Alcohol is much more dangerous and even more addicting I would like to know who started blowing this out of proportion? Because there are a ton of good flavors to smoke which had lead teens wanting to vape as well ? Well teens are gonna be teens and it’s up to us as parents to guide them the best we can and be able to talk about this stuff and how there are a ton of black label stuff that they shudnt buy illegally. Just like when we were all that age and trying stuff It’s just a part of life and whether you want or don’t want them doing isn’t really going to matter if they are hell bent in trying something they will find a way so we just need to educate to our best ability but with the way things are going we all as a society won’t even have the opportunity to do what we want in this so called land of the free at the rate we are going now. I mean do you like being told we can only water one day a week and it has to be on a Tuesday ? Or how we can only use electricity between the hours of 9-4pm when we are all at work but If we do use it outside those time frames it’s going to cost us quadruple It’s as if they are forcing us to quit our jobs and live on what so many do as they get free phones and housing expenses and food stamps Continuously getting handouts with our good hard earned tax money I’m so over this

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