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Battery Safety and Recommendations Pt. 1

September 21, 2016

Battery Safety and Recommendations Pt. 1

With news stories spurring up about batteries exploding, we at MVG feel that battery safety is very important, and the more information our customers know about batteries, the more our industry will benefit.  That said, we are putting together a compilation of information about batteries that will help everyone out.  The lithium ion batteries used for vaping are more volatile than your standard AA battery, so additional precautions need to be taken to keep yourself safe.  Always keep your batteries in cases when not in use, and if there are tears in the wrapping, re-wrap the battery.  We will provide guides in future segments of this series.

The first part of our series will include selecting the correct batteries for your device.  A well respected contributor in different vaping forums, who goes by the username 'Mooch', has done extensive testing of different batteries on the market.  One of his goals is to make sure that the battery lives up to the manufacturer's rating of the battery.

Many of the devices on the market require a 20A rating or higher, and unfortunately, not all manufacturers are honest about their ratings.  Mooch has helped bring awareness to the community about 'over exaggerated' ratings while compiling a list of batteries that can be trusted.  We are posting a list of Mooch's suggested batteries here.  Currently we carry both the Samsung 25r and the Sony VTC4.  Stay safe, and make sure grab one of these batteries to start.

Click here for Part 2.


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