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Are You Losing Money Buying Closed Pods?

May 29, 2019 3 Comments

Are You Losing Money Buying Closed Pods?


The JUUL has introduced a closed ended system into the market that has become a mainstay in the vaping world.  While many folks appreciate the simplicity of the device, the alliance of JUUL and Altria have many veteran vapers questioning whether the company has vaper's best interests in mind.

With profits being the main driver for Altria's interest in the company, are you spending too much on closed ended pods?

Before we take a look at the cost breakdown, let's discuss closed vs. open pod systems. 

Closed Pod Systems

A closed pod system, like the JUUL, features pre-filled pods that are sealed as the main vape juice delivery method. 

Pre-filled pods provide a lot of convenience because the user doesn't have to worry about carrying an extra bottle of e-liquid. 

Just pop in the pod and discard when empty.

Closed Pod Features:

  • Single-use pods
  • Limited flavor options
  • Higher cost per pod

With closed pod-systems, you are generally at the mercy of a few select flavors and higher costs.

Open Pod Systems


Open pod systems are becoming increasingly popular in the vape world.  With the ability to choose your favorite vape juice, open pods give people the flavors they desire while providing more usability.

Open pod refilling is intuitive (just open the fill hole, fill the pod with vape juice, and re-fill when empty).  

Open Pod Features:

  • Allow users to refill pods multiple times before needing replacement
  • Unlimited vape flavor options
  • Lower cost per pod

Because you can refill the pod, a single pod can last as long as 5+ closed ended pods.

Total Cost of Ownership

Closed Pod Systems Open Pod Systems
$ 1485 per year on average $ 255 per year on average*
$ 4.00 / Pod $ 1.96 / Pod
  • 4-Pack retail at $16
  • Cannot re-fill / re-use
  • One Use Per Pod
  • 1 Pod = 0.7 ml
  • Retail 30ml vape juice at $22
  • Average pod cost $2.50 per pod
  • 5x uses per pod
  • 1 Pod = 2ml

Based on consuming 5ml of vape juice per week.

*Total cost of open pod systems will vary.  Depending on the brand, vape juices and pods may actually cost less


It's easy to see that open pod systems will save vapers over the long term.  Whether you choose a vaping device that is built to be open, or choose an open ended re-fillable and compatible pod, most vapers will find savings by choosing a something that is re-fillable.

For convenience, there are options for pre-filled pods that either expand the flavor range or cost less than the manufacturer's pods.  These pre-filled compatible pods are also worth exploring.

We hope this helps save you some money, but if you have anything to add, feel free to add a comment below!

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