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iPhone 5s and the iTaste V3.0

September 10, 2013

Can we say awesomeness? The new iPhone 5s is a thing of beauty.  We are excited about the announcement and can't wait until they are released.  The feature that entices us the most?  The gold color. Vain? Shallow? We don't mind. Some items only need a single reason to drive a purchase.  This might not be the only awesome feature, but it's enough to drive us to make that switch! 

Speaking of switching, one of our newest products is the perfect transition to help your friends and family get into the vape world.  The iTaste V3.0 full kit is a great cost-effective device for the beginner and experienced vaper alike.  You can take the set it and forget it approach, or play around with variable voltages and wattages.  It comes with an ohm reader which is great for folks who enjoy building.  And, it has multiple colors.  We highly recommend you check it out.

Now picture yourself with the new iPhone in one hand, and your new iTaste in the other hand...  Fun times ahead!

Peace, love, and vape!

Team My-Vapor-Gasm

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