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Meet the Modder: Philip Gomez of Smok-E Mountain

August 26, 2013

Meet the Modder Series:  We want to introduce to you the faces behind your favorite vape brands.  These are true artists and designers who strive to bring you only the highest quality products for the most optimum vaping experience.

He’s an avid mountain biker.  He wants to meet Vincent Van Gogh.  He holds an engineering degree.  He probably can’t live without his Samsung S4.  And, he likes to quote Randy Pausch. 

My-Vapor-Gasm proudly present to you the design genius behind the Smok-E Mountain brand, Philip Gomez.

Learning about Philip’s interests and influences is understanding Smok-E Mountain’s affinity for sophisticated, sleek, and modern designs.  Knowing about his engineering and robotics background is appreciating the science and quality of Smok-E Mountain’s durable vaping products.  The ability to combine art and science to create vaping masterpieces is pure brilliance.

Based in Cebu City, Philippines, Philip and his team are fortunate to have access to foundries, metallurgical experts, and the best CNC operators working together in a clean, testing facility to bring you innovative vaping products.  Philip says their first rebuildable atomizer is being released in the coming days.  He describes it as follows:  “it has an air duct system that does not have any visible air holes.  It has an AFC and is built with the smallest air chamber for all dual wick systems out in the market.”  Smok-E Mountain’s goal is to create something new and cool every quarter.

Van Gogh has been referred to as the “trailblazer of modern art.”  Like the famous person he wants to meet, Philip is paving his own path as one of the trailblazers of e-cigarettes.  He is passionate about the vaping movement.  His passion ekes out when he speaks about vaping as one of “the best risk reduction alternative to smoking.” 

His advocacy for vaping is contagious.  His love for his craft is inspiring.  So, inspire him back, holler at him at phil@smok-emountain.com.  Make sure you let him know you appreciate all that he’s done for you and the vaping community.  And, if ever you come across him on a trail just sitting idly by his mountain bike, lend him a hand, will ya?  He has a habit of forgetting his tire pump, but never his Vanilla mod!

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