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The MVG Steeping Guide

August 23, 2013 1 Comment

Juices, juices, oh juices. We love you, but sometimes you don't show love back.  At least not at first.  Sometimes you can have too much of a perfume taste, or raw flavoring, or just simply taste unpleasant.  Who knew we had to take you slowly?  Who knew you were the girl who wanted to hold hands before we kissed?  Sometimes we wished there was a guide to this.

We've all been in that position.  You open up a bottle of that brand new awesome juice, and get hit with a powerful aroma.  You think wow, and immediately start vaping.  Sometimes its ok.  Sometimes you are disappointed.  That letdown sometimes happens because the juice hasn't 'steeped' yet.  

Steeping in the vaping world is more of a misnomer.  These aren't teabags.  These are carefully crafted and mixed combinations of PG/VG and liquid flavorings.  Look at them more like wine.  And with wine, you need to let it 'breathe' before you get to its full potential.  Naming conventions aside, a simple search including steeping and ejuice will give you a number of different methods including hot baths, microwaves, and etc.

The method that works for us is a simple formula.  Air + Time + Shaking = VaporGasm.  What we like to do when we get a new bottle is to remove the cap and take a whiff (with a little experience, you can start to tell whether or not you will like your first vape).  If it looks promising, we give it a test run.  Some juices are good to go out of the bottle.  If we aren't fans just yet, we follow the below steps.

  1. Leave the bottle uncapped overnight in a dark place.  The alcohols and 'nasties' should start to evaporate from the bottle.
  2. The next morning, put the cap back on the bottle.  Before we fill our tank/atomizer/cartomizer, we give the juice a vigorous shake.  We try the juice again.  We'll usually see a drastic improvement in flavor.
  3. If the flavor isn't there, we repeat the steps.
  4. If a few days of breathing doesn't help, then we may just really dislike the flavor combination.

That's it!  Some people like to let their juices develop over longer periods of time.  There are guides for the more patient.  This method works well for us.  Give it a try with your next batch of juice!  

Peace, love, and vape!


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Adam Taha
Adam Taha

July 10, 2019

Can I email you a prepaid FedEx Priority label for my order 92449? And send me my order that way?

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