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MVG's Top Ten Juices of 2015

December 31, 2015

As if you didn't need any more 2015 "top" lists, we present to you MVG's top ten juices of the year... 

10.  Monica's Eyes - Tami H. describes it as "a nice true sweet cantaloupe flavor with just a hint of kiwi.....I think I heard the angels singing in heaven! LOL A must try to add to your list."

9.  Junkyard Scotch - George B. calls it a "light banana with wonderful butterscotch flavor, this juice is set t be a heavy hitter in the vaping world!"

8.  Wake N Vape - Jonathan G. says, "you get a vanilla taste with a nice strong bold coffee flavor. I like to vape this one in the morning with coffee, or on the way to work."

7.  Bettie White - Josiah claims, "I highly recommend [Bettie White] if you like a light, fruity vape."

6.  Boss Reserve - Brad K. wants "to breathe this [Boss Reserve], instead of oxygen."  He's joking, of course.  We think.

5.  Apple Jax - Kelly G. loves it so much, she got a little poetic about it.

"Tastes like the cereal and pretty much puts me in my happy place.

I have this on me all day long.

It is ridiculous how much of this flavor I go through a week.

It's that good.

The first step is admitting you have a problem... but I'm nowhere near that stage.

Favorite flavor. No Contest."

4.  Sugar Drizzle - Terry W. says it's "a quality cinnamon flavor with a balanced dose of baked goods folded in, that makes this juice a satisfying vape."

3.  Pink Cubes - Sharon T. has an advice: "If you like strawberry candy, then I suggest you try this vape. It's consistently good and great for an all day vape."

2.  Unicorn Milk - Dustin M. simply states, "Love it."

1.  Jon Wayne - Christopher Y. puts it best... "Jon Wayne is hard to describe, but to me, it's more of a dessert flavor than tobacco. It has hints of caramel, butterscotch, vanilla and honey. It's my favorite ADV."

And, that's your top ten juices of 2015, folks.  Until next year... peace, love & vape. 


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