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ELIQCUBE Spotlight: Pink Cubes & Oober Goober

December 04, 2015

ELIQCUBE, Inc. is one of California’s leaders in developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids/juice) to the consumers. Their core goal has always been to be your most trusted e-juice maker bringing you only the freshest and most delicious e-liquids in the market.

Their two top flavors, Pink Cubes and Oober Goober, have propelled them to being a household name in the e-cig world.  Rewind to the beginning though, Pink Cubes hasn't always been called Pink Cubes.  The change of name just came recently, but this is the same strawberry-burst, chewy candy-flavored vape you can't get enough of.  New look, same great taste... that sweet vape that can't be forgotten, name change and all.  

Another sweet treat in ELIQCUBE's  repertoire is Oober Goober.  The juice was gone for a while, but the people have spoken, and Oober Goober is back!  It is an MVG staff favorite! This juice is modeled after the Filipino purple yam dessert, ube.  Stock up because it is back for only a limited time.


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