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7 Vaping Myths That People Still Believe

June 18, 2019

7 Vaping Myths That People Still Believe


Vaping continues to be a hotly debated topic.  While more research is being done in the field of the long-term effects of vaping, there are politically charged discussions looking to attack the vape industry.  From smear campaigns to mis-information, people look for different ways to downplay the importance of this technology.  Let's take a minute to laugh at what others are saying about vaping.  These myths have been around for years, and despite mounting evidence debunking these myths, people believe these ridiculous things.  Advocacy is still an important issue in our industry.

1. Vaping doesn't help quit smoking

Research shows otherwise.  A study done at Harvard show that vaping is 2x more likely to help a person quit smoking versus some doctor recommended smoking cessation products.

2. Vaping is a gateway to smoking

Yes, because we all want to ditch our vapes to smell like a hobo that got lost in a forest fire.

3. Vapes will blow up on you

Battery safety is always important.  Some devices use lithium-ion batteries to power the vape.  In those instances, greater care needs to be taken.  You wouldn't abuse your laptop (which uses a lithium-ion).  Why would you beat up your vape?

4. Vape flavors target 'the children'

Adults hate things that taste good, including vape juice, according to lawmakers.  Right.  The reality is, there are many companies that go through extra steps to help block underage folks from accessing vaping products. 

5. Vape juice contains anti-freeze

Propelene Glycol or PG is used in vape juice.  It is also used in anti-freeze.  So it must be the same thing.  Cake mixes also use PG.  Can we tell people vape juice is made of cake?

6. Second hand vapor is the same as cigarette smoke

No.  Studies show that vaping may expose a nearby user to trace amounts of nicotine, it is not the same as second hand smoke.

7. Vaping is the same as smoking

Let's think about this.  Most people would agree that burning paper and leaves is way more harmful to the environment than a fog machine.  I'd rather inhale air from fogland.


If you enjoy vaping, there are a number of things you can do to help debunk some of these myths.  Keep educating and keep supporting local businesses.  Also look out for bills that put vaping in harms way.  We have a long way to go, but we need to continue to fight for our right to vape.

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