Six hours of exposure to cigarette smoke resulted in near-complete cell death, but the same exposure to e-cigarette vapor did not affect tissue viability.

August 15, 2015

While the battle continues to rage on against e-cigarettes and vape related products here in the US, much of the debate is founded on claims of uncertainty and doubt.  With the help of studies fueled by different scientific methods, the industry can provide more evidence that vapor is safer than traditional tobacco cigarette smoke.

One such study, posted on sciencedirect.com, takes a look at the effects of vapor vs. smoke on cells in a lab environment. The study shows that 6 hours of exposure can cause massive damage with cigarette smoke, while e-cigarettes showed little effect on the cell tissue.  The study can be found here.

More scientific testing needs to be done to understand the overall effects of e-cigarettes on the consumer, but this definitely a step in the right direction.

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