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Cuttwood's 120mL Bottles Are Being Temporarily Discontinued

January 08, 2015

MVG'ers, here's Cuttwood's full statement about their 120mL bottles:

"As a safety precaution for children, we have to temporarily discontinue the production of 120ml bottles. There was a recent, tragic incident with a child who got a hold of a non-child resistant bottle from another maker. This industry can not afford another tragic incident. Unfortunately, we can not find a supplier with child resistant tops for 120ml bottles at this time. Our supplier tells us they are working on manufacturing them and we will have them in the near future. If you have any information on where we can purchase 120ml child resistant droppers please email us at paul@cuttwood.com Our hearts go out to the family who is suffering their loss. Please remember to keep your vape supplies out of the reach of children and pets, treat it as you would a medication and keep our little ones safe."

Find the original post on their Instagram account at @cuttwood

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