New Smartphone or Tablet? Keep that device charged with your iTaste MVP!

September 28, 2014

As we continue to get closer to the holiday season, we are going to be shopping and grabbing new smartphones, phablets, and everything in-between!  The downside to these devices is that the more we play with them, the faster the battery drains.  The good news is, you can use your iTaste MVP to keep your device charged when you are in a pinch!

On the bottom of the device is a USB port that you can plug your new device's charger into.  Flip the switch to the on position, and the 2600mah battery will get to work. 

While this is great when you're on the run, the only question left is... What's more important, your vape or your new device.  Some of us here at ShopMVG will pick the vape.

Peace, love, and vape,

The MVG Team

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