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Smoking Stinks.

August 02, 2014





 Smoking stinks.  As a former smoker who has been off cigarettes for almost 2 full years, the smell of smoke makes my nose crinkle from the irritation.  It has been long since I've craved a smoke.  The joy of vaping has not only made life more convenient and enjoyable for myself, but it provides a pleasant surprise for others around me as well. At least that's what I believe.

The other day, I was outside vaping with a buddy, and as I blew out a thick cloud of Unicorn Milk from my personal vape, a friend walking by turned to say, "Wow, that smells delicious".  As he stopped to chat for a minute, we joked around about eating the clouds, and while the exchange was brief, the effect of that conversation lingered since.

I began to think about past situations where smoking may have pushed people--mainly non-smokers--away from jumping into conversations.  I would think back to different social engagements involving friends who would only pass by as I puffed away with my circle of smokers.  While we would eventually catch up once the butts were put out, the time lost from the initial smoke break and following smoke breaks would reduce the number of laughs we could share with those other people.

That's what makes vaping a beautiful thing.  While people spend time debating about the benefits vs. the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the long term effects e-cigarettes, I'm reflecting on reclaiming time spent laughing with friends.  The sweet smell of vapor has made me more approachable.  And while this may be thinking about the fight for vape rights on a small scale, to put it into perspective, my quality of life improved on a grander scale.

Life for me is about laughing and enjoying my time with friends--and vaping has allowed me to do more of that.  As I walk out today, vape in my pocket, I will pass by the old ashtray that sits right outside my front door.  I will shake my head and just mutter to myself, "smoking stinks."  Vape on everyone.

Peace, love, and vape,


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