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How to Fly with your E-Cigarette/Vape Products

March 29, 2016

As the weather starts to warm up, would be travelers are starting to plan their vacations to some of the world's top destinations.  As avid vapers, however, many are quite unsure about what is allowed on or off the plane.

The U.S. Department of Transportation have beefed up the requirements for safety with regards to electronic cigarette devices.  With the potential for volatility with a lithium-ion battery, passengers are now required to include their vapes in their carry-on baggage.  This short checklist will help ensure that you ensure the safety of your vape goods and your fellow passengers.

Do Carry On:

  • Your mod (and turn it off)
  • Any extra batteries you plan to bring.  Ensure these are stored in a protective case and are not loosely rolling around in your carry-on
  • Your tank/RDA.  Put this in a clear plastic bag to protect your belongings from juice that may leak out
  • Your juice (under 3oz) in a clear plastic bag
  • Optionally, your charger and coils

Check in:

  • Any liquids above 3 oz
  • Wick and Wire and rebuilding tools
  • Any additional accessories that do not include a battery

The process is pretty hassle free.  Once you have your vape stored in your carry on, you go through the security process as normal.  If you follow these instructions, you should pass through without any issue.

We hope this helps!  Happy flying and enjoy your trip.  You'll be able to vape once you get off the plane and get to a safe smoking/vaping area.

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