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10 Things Vapers are Looking Forward to This Summer

June 25, 2019

10 Things Vapers are Looking Forward to This Summer

Summer is here, and vapers are looking for fun activities to do over the summer.  Ideally, activities that include the ability to vape.  Here is a list of things that most vapers are looking forward to doing this summer.

1. Ice Cream

Hot days = the need for a cold ice cream.  Bonus points if you're able to pair your ice cream to your favorite vape juice flavor.

2. Longer Days

More sunlight means more time to do the fun daytime things.  

3. Camping

There is nothing quite like sitting around a camp fire with friends and enjoying a good vape.  Packing something portable will be ideal.  Also a great idea if for alternative vapes or alternative vape juices.

4. Beach Days

While you can't vape on most public beaches, we can still find enjoyment here.  The sound of waves and the warmth of the sun is good enough for us!  Unless you're a baller and have access to a private beach. Then vape away friend.

5. BBQ's

Bonus points if you're the one actually grilling.  A good vape will keep you occupied while you're waiting to flip your food.  

6. Road Trips

Gather up your friends and go on a road trip.  Pack a good pod vape and your favorite nic salt vape juice and just hit the road.  Don't forget ample ventilation.

7. Flying

You cannot vape on an airplane.  But, you can pack your vape for travels.  We have an older guide that helps (the rules haven't changed much).  How to Fly with Your E-Cigarette/Vape Products

8. Pool Days

Bonus points for knocking your friend into the pool.  Make sure they don't have their vape or anything expensive on them beforehand.

9. Music Festivals

We love music festivals.  Check out our Festival Season Survival Guide for Vapers

10. AC Filled Rooms

Last but not least, sometimes you just want to chill and do nothing, or chill, vape, and do nothing. And that is just fine.

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